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by Rich Music Foundation

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Legion of Dopeness (WeAreLOD) is team of artists and producers focused on making dope music.


[Intro] {Michelle Obama}
I liked him, but he insisted that we should go out on a date
And I thought, no, that wouldn't be the right thing to do
And he said, who cares
So I said, OK, we'lll go on this one date
But we won't call it a date
I'll spend the day with you

[Verse 1] {Erick Richardson}
I prayed to God I'd meet somebody
One day, I'll be somebody
I prayed to God I'd meet somebody like you
One day, I'll be somebody
I'm working hard as ever
Money's low, but maybe we could rise together
Buy a boat and then ride out the tide together
What good is being rich by yourself
Now maybe I don't deserve you
That aint no secret, baby girl
But I wanna serve you
I do look good in blue suits
And you too, when you do what you do
It's true boo
I may be getting a little head of myself
I want the people to love me not for my wealth
Don't want this to come at you as a surprise
You're the only one in my eyes
That should be there with me
When we take up residency in DC
And you're the First Lady
Yeah, life will be crazy

[Verse 2] {IamHandsomeRob}
Pure motivation making me exponential
Kinetic I am, yet you sense my potential
We gone hustle
Til we Kimora and Russell
You gone be there when I rise
As you were when I tumbled
Sitting beachside
We just sippin on some Reisling
Watch the sunrise
The Kathie Lee to my Regis
Heavy petting
When I'm all up in them regions
Going deep in
You just ask me to repeat this

[Interlude] {Interviewer}
He was a keeper
Why was he a keeper
{Michelle Obama}
You know, I think because he just blended in
He was a regular guy
Treated people with respect and kindness
No matter who they were
And that was another thing that drew me to Barack
He took me to this church basement
Where he was doing a training
It was a training designed to help folks in that community
Find their own power

[Verse 3] {JoshEverett}
Through this prize fight of life
You stayed in my corner
With Stevie sight
You saw the future of us making wonders
Spirit was wavering
You helped me keep it together
My boss chick does boss ish
That's why we rich forever
Late night conversations, arguments, the happy times
Helped make me who I am
I'm really glad you're mine
You need to know that every second with you's real important
I'd go bankrupt to buy those vows
Cause you're my wheel of fortune

[Verse 4] {Draper}
State of the Union when I address it
Thankful that I have your vote in your heart's election
First Lady in my life
No doubt, you gotta be
Riding with a real
That's my only policy
Don't give a
About welfare or healthcare
Dinner round seven
Make sure you have yourself there
Paper on another level
Playing Monopoly
Cop the White House property
Control the economy

[Outro] {Interviewer}
Tell me about the first time you met Barack
What was your impression
{Michelle Obama}
He was always focused


released January 17, 2017
Written by Michelle Obama, Erick Richardson, Robert Henry, III, Joshua Tolbert, and Nielson Chapman.
Produced by Flying Lotus.


all rights reserved



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Rich Music Foundation was founded by Erick “eRich” Richardson in 2002 with the purpose of “Changing the world, one note a time.”™ Today, we continue living our mission of inspiring artistic expression, promoting intellectual curiosity, and archiving thoughtful creations to help guide our future generations. ... more

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